Podiatrist in Birmingham

If you have a foot problem or foot pain you need to visit a podiatrist to be assessed, diagnosed and treated in a effective manner. Conditions such as achilles tendonitis can lead to considerbale  discomfort and pain. A podiatrist in Birmingham can provide a comprehensive rehabilitation programme as well as other treatment options such as custom orthotics, shockwave treatment, high volume injections into the structures around the achilles tendon and herbal injections into the achilles.

Achilles tendonitis can often be confused with plantar fasciitis, plantar fasciitis or heel pain is a condition that affects the fascia of the foot which is a fibrous tissue structure that runs under the sole of the foot. Inflammation or micro damage to the facia can lead to pain in this structure. The pain is often worse first thing in the morning and after rest which can spend well to foot acupuncture and night splints as well as orthotics.

Birmingham podiatrist can provide the necessary treatment required for all types of foot pain from muscle, tendon and bone problems, if you are prone to getting ankle sprains you may have damaged the anterior talar tibial ligament (ATFL) which may require podiatry care.


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